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The Power of Energy-Efficient Doors: Comfort and Savings Combined

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When it comes to designing or upgrading your home, don't underestimate the impact of energy-efficient doors and windows. These smart additions keep your home cozy in winter and cool in summer while saving on energy costs. To help you navigate the options, we've put together a guide to choosing the right energy-efficient door for your home.

The entrance to a home with stacked-stone foundation details and an energy-efficient front door

What is an Energy-Efficient Door?

Energy-efficient doors are specially designed to stop too much heat from escaping or entering your home. This helps you save energy and money on heating and cooling. They're made using materials and techniques that boost insulation and prevent air leaks.

Some key features and components of an energy-efficient door include:

A close up of an open door

Keeping the Heat In: Insulating Materials

Energy-efficient doors are built with special materials like fiberglass, insulated wood, or composite materials. These materials are not great at transferring heat, which means they help maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

An open floorplan living space enhanced by large picture windows and energy-efficient patio doors with large glass panes

Layers of Protection: Multiple Glazing

If your door has glass panels, it's important to have multiple layers of glass with insulating spaces in between. This setup reduces the transfer of heat through the glass, making the door more energy-efficient.

Blocking Heat Escape: Low-E Coating

Glass doors can have a special coating called Low-E (low emissivity) that reflects heat and prevents it from escaping. This coating makes the door better at keeping your home warm.

A person replacing the weather stripping on a sliding patio door to make it more energy efficient

Sealing the Deal: Tight Seals

Energy-efficient doors are equipped with high-quality weatherstripping and sealing systems around the edges to minimize air leakage. This prevents drafts and keeps the indoor temperature more stable.

Closing the Gap: Thresholds and Sills

Thresholds and sills should be well-insulated to prevent heat loss through the bottom of the door. Many energy-efficient doors have adjustable thresholds that can be set to the appropriate height to minimize gaps.

A person screwing the hinge of a door with a screwdriver

Installing for Success: Proper Installation

Correct installation is crucial for maintaining the energy efficiency of a door. Properly installed doors ensure that there are no gaps or air leaks around the frame.

A Seal of Approval: ENERGY STAR Certification

Energy-efficient doors are often certified by programs such as ENERGY STAR, which is a government-backed certification indicating that the door meets specific energy performance criteria.

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The front view of a well-maintained home, including its energy-efficient front door

Style Meets Efficiency: Design and Look

Energy-efficient doors come in a variety of designs and styles to suit the aesthetics of the building. This means you don't have to sacrifice appearance for efficiency.

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Frame Matters: Picking the Right Material

Even the frame of the door affects its energy efficiency. Choose frames made from materials that don't conduct heat well, like vinyl, thermally broken aluminum, or fiberglass.

A front porch with a swing and energy-efficient entry door

How to Choose the Best Energy-Efficient Door

Choosing the best energy-efficient doors for your home involves considering several factors to ensure that the door properly meets your specific needs.

If you’re ready to replace your front door with a more energy-efficient one, keep the following in mind as you shop:

A front porch with a rocking chair, a stack of wood, and snow in the background

Check Your Weather: Assessing Your Needs

The weather where you live should be one of your major considerations. For example, colder climates warrant doors that help keep heat inside the home. You’ll want to look for solid wood doors, doors with fiberglass insulation, or even metal insulation.

A modern-style house with a front door, front porch, and greenery

Match Your Style: Comparing Designs

Choose a door that complements your home's architecture and your personal preferences. Energy-efficient doors come in different styles, so you can find one that suits your taste.

A person using a calculator and a computer

Budget Considerations

Energy-efficient doors can have upfront costs but consider the long-term savings in energy bills while doing your calculations. It's often an investment that pays off over time.

A person reading reviews on a computer

Read Reviews and Ratings

Research online reviews and ratings for different door models and manufacturers to get an idea of their performance and reliability.

A person reading through a stack of papers

Trust the Warranty: Checking Guarantee

Check the warranty provided by the manufacturer. A longer warranty often indicates the manufacturer's confidence in their product's durability.

A front porch with a dark blue energy-efficient door contrasted by light-colored siding

Our Top Picks for Energy-Efficient Doors

An energy-efficient door can transform the look of your home and help you save on your energy bills every month. From entry doors to storm doors, patio doors, and more, here are our recommendations for the best energy-efficient doors for your home.

A large woodgrain energy-efficient entry door with contrasting hardware

Classic Charm: Woodgrain Entry Doors

Like the look of solid wood, but don’t want the upkeep? Our woodgrain entry doors mimic the look of real mahogany, oak, and cedar but are made of durable fiberglass. These doors have four times the insulation value of real wood, which means you’ll notice significant improvements in energy consumption. You can also change up the stain and texture options to create a cohesive entryway look for your home.

A light blue energy-efficient exterior door flanked by sidelites on a white house

Modern Elegance: Modern Entry Doors

Want a more modern look for your entryway? You’ll like our modern entry doors fit with fiberglass insulation. These sleek-looking doors help keep your family cool in the summer and warm in the winter, plus they feature edge-to-edge moisture protection and enhanced weather security. Choose from a wide range of window options to personalize your entryway and elevate your home’s exterior.

A full view storm door protects the interior of a brick house while the main entry door is open to let in light

Welcoming Light: Full View Storm Doors

A full view storm door is a beautiful addition to any home as it allows plenty of natural light and helps protect your main entry door from the elements. Best of all, these storm doors feature superior weather stripping to reinforce your home’s insulation and improve energy efficiency.

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An airy living space lightened by large casement windows and vinyl sliding patio doors

Easy Outdoor Access: Vinyl Sliding Patio Doors

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a patio on a beautiful day as long as you have a secure patio door that helps your air conditioning inside where it belongs. vinyl sliding patio door is perfect when you need ease of access to your outdoor space. These sliding doors glide smoothly and close securely, featuring durable weather stripping to insulate your home from the elements.

Embracing Efficiency for a Better Future

Energy-efficient doors are a functional and aesthetic upgrade to your home. At Window World, we pride ourselves on our innovative, energy-efficient designs that suit a wide variety of home exterior styles. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it at Window World. Explore our collection and find the perfect energy-efficient door for your home's needs.

Ready to find the perfect energy-efficient door for your home? Find a Window World store near you, and our team will find the perfect door for your needs.

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