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Product Info

Create the look of custom wood with the performance and durability of thick fiberglass.

Our woodgrain fiberglass doors mimic the real appearance of beautiful wood textures such as oak, mahogany, and cedar so you can enjoy the beauty of wood with none of the upkeep. Plus, with additional staining and colorways available, your woodgrain fiberglass entry door options are seemingly unlimited.

  • Made in USA
  • Up to 4x the insulation value of wood
  • Available in a variety of textures, colors, and stains
  • Lifetime limited warranty

Product Features

See what makes our woodgrain doors the perfect entryway into your home.

  1. Durable fiberglass skin won’t rot, warp, twist or bow like wood, and will not dent or rust like steel.

  2. Energy-efficient design allows you to save on costs and keep your home comfortable.

  3. Provide edge-to-edge moisture protection and enhanced weather security.

  1. Woodgrain texture is available in both painted and stained finish options.

  2. Architecturally correct wide panels mimic traditional wooden doors.

  3. Environmentally friendly insulation provides higher R-value for maximum thermal protection.

Window World Products have the Good Housekeeping Seal

Window World Entry Doors have the Good Housekeeping Seal.

“We are from Window World, and we are here to make you happy.” That is what they said when they first came to my house, and that is exactly what they did.

Window World of Western Massachusetts

Color Options

Doors that fit your home, inside and out.

Some options may vary. Various screen settings and display resolutions prevent exact color representation. Please see your local Window World store for actual samples.

Express Yourself

The color of your entry door can completely transform the front of your home, adding curb appeal and inspiring envy in the neighbors. Use the existing elements of your house to select a color that blends in or choose something that stands out from the rest. The choice is yours.

Design Options

Doors with Glass

  • 1 Panel 3 Quarter

    1 Panel 3 Quarter

  • 1 Panel 3 Quarter Oval Elite

    1 Panel 3 Quarter Oval Elite

  • 2 Panel 3 Quarter

    2 Panel 3 Quarter

  • 2 Panel 3 Quarter Twin

    2 Panel 3 Quarter Twin

  • 2 Panel Half

    2 Panel Half

  • 2 Panel Oval Elite

    2 Panel Oval Elite

  • 2 Panel Twin Half

    2 Panel Twin Half

  • 3 Panel Craftsman

    3 Panel Craftsman

  • 4 Panel Camber Top

    4 Panel Camber Top

  • 4 Panel Fan

    4 Panel Fan

  • 4 Panel Rectangle

    4 Panel Rectangle

  • 4 Panel Twin Rectangles

    4 Panel Twin Rectangles

  • 7 Panel Center Arch

    7 Panel Center Arch

  • 8 Panel Center Lite

    8 Panel Center Lite

  • Full Lite

    Full Lite

  • Full Oval

    Full Oval

Doors with Glass and Grids

Doors without Glass

  • 2 Panel 3 Quarters Elite

    2 Panel 3 Quarters Elite

  • 3 Panel 3 Quarters Elite

    3 Panel 3 Quarters Elite

  • 3 Panel Arch

    3 Panel Arch

  • 4 Panel

    4 Panel

  • 4 Panel 3 Quarters

    4 Panel 3 Quarters

  • 6 Panel

    6 Panel

  • 6 Panel Craftsman

    6 Panel Craftsman

  • 8 Panel

    8 Panel

  • 9 Panel

    9 Panel

  • Flush



  • Full


  • Half


  • 3 Quarter

    3 Quarter

  • 3 Quarter Arch Top

    3 Quarter Arch Top


Decorative Glass Options

Privacy Glass Options


  • Door Plate

    Door Plate

  • Knocker


  • Mailbox


Some options will vary based on your location. Please work with your local Window World location to refine options.