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Is It Time to Replace Your Front Door?

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5 reasons to open the door to change.

Your front door says so much about you and your home before it’s even opened. A home’s entry door is the first impression that speaks volumes about your style, your attention to detail, and how you live. It welcomes friends in. It keeps intruders and inclement weather out. 

When it comes to features that add valuable curb appeal to your home, there’s no better place to start than your front door. Change is good, especially if it makes your home more inviting, more energy efficient, and more secure. So, now’s a good time to take a close look at your front door (inside and out) and consider a door update investment.

Here are six reasons it may be time to replace your front door.

1.    Door scratches and dents

Entry doors can take a beating through the years. After all, this is the point of entry for every piece of furniture you’ve moved in or out, not to mention appliances and boisterous kids. If you have dents or rusted scratches on your metal front door, it may have put a dent into its structural integrity and the energy efficiency it provides for your home.

white front door with cracks in it that needs replacing

2. Cracks in the door

Traditional wood doors are pretty and classic, but over time they take on moisture, wear and tear, and the occasional kick to open them. Wood front doors can develop cracks along the edges and often within the panel design. These cracks may be hard to see but a close examination can reveal minor cracks that can develop into more major issues if left untreated.

Another issue that can plague wooden front doors is moisture damage. Because wood absorbs moisture, a door that hasn’t been properly sealed on a regular basis is susceptible to taking on moisture from humidity and rain. To check for moisture damage in a wood entry door, press on any darkened areas in the wood with a flathead screwdriver to check for soft spots. Next, look at the bottom of the door and the door frame for evidence of swelling or rot. Also, look for bubbles in the paint or any areas of warping. If you don’t visibly see any signs of water damage, you can purchase a special device called a moisture meter that will provide a reading of how much moisture there is in your front door.

3. Drafts and leaks

You know those cutesy draft guards that people put under their entry doors to prevent outside air from coming in their homes? Yeah, you shouldn’t need those with a door that’s well sealed. If you are wondering if your front door is letting in outside air, a simple test is to stand inside of your home, near the door in warm or cold seasons to see if you feel a draft coming through. Don’t have time to wait? Place a box fan outside of your front door and face the fan toward the door. Now go inside and shut the front door to see if you feel a breeze coming through. Drafts are a costly problem. Remember, they’re not just letting hot or cold air in your home, they’re letting your expensive air conditioning and heat escape.

If you can raise the threshold of your doorway or replace weather stripping on the sides to eliminate the problem, great. If not, or if the problem lies in the door frame, it may be time to have a professional replace the door and surrounding door sidelites or transom windows. 

4. Moisture in your entry door windows

Having a front door with glass or window inserts adds beauty to your home and sunlight to your interior. But if you’ve been noticing moisture between the double panes in form of condensation and fog, it’s sign that the seal on the window is compromised, and your door should be replaced.

5. Doors that are difficult to close or lock

Having to force your front door open tv-cop-show style is not the most serene way to enter your home (and it may make the neighbors want to call the real cops!) If you have to wrestle your front door open or closed, or if you have difficultly locking the door or dead bolt, something is not right.

It could be due to warping, swelling, your house settling over time, loose door hinges, or it could be that the door frame is out of alignment, meaning the door’s locks don’t align with the door jamb. Unless you’re handy with tools, the door may need to be replaced by a professional.

picture of a person painting a white front door blue

6. Your front door is just not your style

There are certainly ways to dress up your home’s existing front door with a new paint color or door hardware, but if the door’s shape or style itself doesn’t speak to you or compliment the style of the house, why not get a new front door that does? And if you need to convince your partner, roommate, or yourself, know that replacing your entry door is a cost-efficient, energy-efficient solution. The curb appeal value alone will pay for itself when you sell.

When it comes to front door styles, there are so many to choose from — traditional woodgrain entry doors, sleek modern entry doors, a variety of panel designs, and front doors with decorative glass and windows, just to name a few. Whatever style of front door you choose for your house, just make sure your choice doesn’t conflict with the architectural style of your home, such as selecting a brightly colored modern front door on a craftsman style home.

Depending on space, you may want to consider adding sidelite windows or a transom window above your entry door. This is the time to get exactly what you want for your home’s first impression.

A brick walkway leading to a white brick home with a grey front door and plants

Choosing the Best Front Door for Your Home

Once you make the decision to replace your front door, you need to choose the material that is best for you and your home. Fiberglass doors are a smart solution as they usually cost less than wood doors and they are generally much easier to maintain, more energy efficient, and come in many finishes, such as woodgrain that mimics wood. Fiberglass entry doors also come in an array of colors, or they can easily be painted to the color of your preference.

Your friends at your local Window World can help you select the best entry door for your home. From ideas to installation, you can rely on their more than 25 years of experience transforming homes across the nation. Getting a new front door all begins with a free in-home consultation and quote. Find a store near you.

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