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Amarr Lincoln Garage Doors

A beautifully functional and affordable alternative to wood.

Our most affordable garage door series, the Amarr Lincoln offers traditional designs with a wide variety of options to bring your vision to life.

  • Made in USA
  • 11 available finishes
  • Available in multiple insulation packages
  • 42 top designs provide ample design flexibility

Garage Door Features

See what makes Amarr Lincoln garage doors the perfect fit for your home's exterior.

  1. Durable, low-maintenance steel resists telltale signs of wear and tear.

  2. Single-layer steel, double-layer insulated steel, and triple-layer insulated steel models.

  3. Optional insulating layer increases efficiency for a more comfortable environment.

  1. Built with patented center and end hinges, exclusive safety bottom brackets, and pinch protection sections to enhance safety.

  2. Can be reinforced to meet or exceed local building codes, especially in coastal and high-wind areas.

  3. R-values available up to 6.64.

The install team was efficient, thorough, and worked as a well-oiled machine. They were friendly and did a great job.

Window World of Harford County

Color Options

With such a variety of color options, you're sure to find the style that fits your home perfectly.

    • Almond


    • Dark Brown

      Dark Brown

    • Golden Oak

      Golden Oak

    • Gray


    • Hunter Green

      Hunter Green

    • Mahogony Woodgrain

      Mahogony Woodgrain

    • Walnut


    • Wicker Tan

      Wicker Tan

    • Sandstone


    • Terratone


    • True White

      True White

Design Options

Panel Styles

  • Lincoln Fp Flush Panel

    Lincoln Flush Panel

  • Lincoln Lp Long Panel

    Lincoln Long Panel

  • Lincoln Rp Ribbed Panel

    Lincoln Ribbed Panel

  • Lincoln Sp Short Panel

    Lincoln Short Panel

Panel Top Options

  • Op Arched Thames

    Arched Thames

  • Op Cascade


  • Op Cathedral


  • Op Clear C


  • Op Moonlite


  • Op Obscure


  • Op Prairie


  • Op Stockton


  • Op Sunray


  • Op Thames 2


  • Op Wagonwheel

    Wagon Wheel

  • Op Waterford


Hardware Options

  • Decorative Stamped Steel Hardware Hinge 2

    Decorative Stamped Steel Hardware Hinge

  • Decorative Stampled Steel Hardware Handles 2

    Decorative Stamped Steel Hardware Handles

Panel Construction Options

  • 1 Single Layer Steel

    Single-Layer Steel Insulation

    Our single-layer garage door features heavy-duty steel panels with an overall door thickness of 2".

  • 2 Double Layer Steel Insulation

    Double-Layer Steel Insulation

    Our double-layer garage door panels add vinyl-coated polystyrene between the inner and outer layers for enhanced insulation value.

  • 3 Triple Layer Steel Insulation Steel 2

    Triple-Layer Steel Insulation

    Achieve maximum insulation with our triple-layer garage doors. Heavy-duty exterior and interior steel panels add remarkable durability.

Some options will vary based on your location. Please work with your local Window World location to refine options.