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Choosing Products With the Good Housekeeping Seal Matters, Here’s Why …

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Have you ever seen the Good Housekeeping Seal and wondered who it represents or what it means?

At Window World, we’ve had a strong relationship with Good Housekeeping since 2008. Our windows, siding, and Therma-Tru entry doors have all earned the Seal after undergoing rigorous tests at the Good Housekeeping Institute in New York (more on that later).

As a company that has been around for over 100 years, Good Housekeeping has gained considerable trust with consumers. If you know the brand, you probably already have a good feeling about them in your mind. This comes from years of offering trustworthy advice and recommendations. And at Window World, the Good Housekeeping Seal gives you added peace of mind before pulling the trigger on a pricey home upgrade.

Let’s look at some of the history behind Good Housekeeping, how they developed their Seal program, and why you should look for it on products like ours before you buy.

Who is Good Housekeeping?

An issue of Good Housekeeping magazine from 1952
An issue of Good Housekeeping magazine from 1952

Good Housekeeping published its first print issue of Good Housekeeping magazine in 1885. In it, the editor wrote that the brand’s mission would be “about equal proportions of public duty and private interest.”

Today, Good Housekeeping is an American institution. The magazine has close to 17 million readers, and the company’s website brings in over 45 million each year. Throughout its history, Good Housekeeping has been a trusted source for anyone looking for news, home trends, advice, recipes, and product recommendations.

And it’s Good Housekeeping’s product recommendations that propel the company beyond its competitors in the publishing world. Where all the other women’s magazines have similar content, Good Housekeeping offers authentic and real product recommendations based on the expertise of the Good Housekeeping Institute. And that’s where products like ours earn the approval of America’s most trusted home authority.

What is the Good Housekeeping Institute?

One of the many labs found in the Good Housekeeping Institute
One of the many labs found in the Good Housekeeping Institute

The Good Housekeeping Institute is where the makeup gets tested, the cookies get tasted, and the windows (like ours) get 2-by-4’s hurled at them until they’re compromised under hurricane-strength conditions.

Started in 1900 (even before the FDA), the Good Housekeeping Institute houses a team of engineers, scientists, analysts, and product experts who test the things everyday people care about most. The products they test range from the longest-lasting lipstick to the safest baby powder. With Window World, they evaluate our windows, siding, and entry doors each year to make sure they have what it takes to carry the prestigious Seal.

The Good Housekeeping Seal

The Good Housekeeping Seal

The Good Housekeeping Seal is what you see above. If you’ve ever seen it on the branding of something you’re buying, that means it has been evaluated by the Good Housekeeping Institute and has proven to be something you can trust. As Good Housekeeping puts it, “We test it, so you can trust it.

Not only does the Seal come with over 100 years of consumer product testing experience, but it also comes with its own warranty. Anything carrying the Seal comes with a two-year limited warranty, meaning that Good Housekeeping will offer a refund of the purchase price or replacement up to $2,000 if the product in question is found to be defective. At Window World, this means that our windows, siding, and entry doors come with a lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer and Good Housekeeping’s impressive assurance.

To make sure our products have what it takes, Window World’s windows, siding, and Therma-Tru entry doors are carefully evaluated at the Good Housekeeping Institute. As of this writing, our windows have had the Seal for 14 years, entry doors for four, and siding for four as well.

What do the experts say?

Analysts and experts performing product tests in the Good Housekeeping Institute
Analysts and experts performing product tests in the Good Housekeeping Institute

After 14 years of testing with the Good Housekeeping Institute, we've gained considerable insight on how our products can benefit you. But don’t take it from us; just look at some of the great things Good Housekeeping's experts say about Window World’s products.

  • The mechanical engineers and product analysts in the Good Housekeeping Institute are constantly impressed with the weather resistance and durability of Window World windows. The vinyl windows are specifically engineered to seal in heat and keep cold air out.
  • The large variety of designs and features gives consumers a wide range of options to find just the right fit for their home. (Siding)
  • “Not only were we impressed with the quality of Window World’s windows, vinyl siding and Therma-Tru doors, but also with the variety. Consumers have a wide range of options from which to choose, so we are confident they will be happy with the product.” – Good Housekeeping Institute Chief Technologist and Director of Engineering Rachel Rothman
  • The scientists in the Good Housekeeping Institute validated the performance of Window World’s Classic Craft, Smooth Star, and Fiber Classic Doors for the Seal and found they exhibited great durability, moisture resistance, and insulating properties.
  • “We were impressed with the large variety of designs that Window World’s windows and Therma-Tru doors offers, providing consumers with a wide range of options. Coupled with weather resistance and durability properties, you can find exactly what you need for the project and location at hand.” – Good Housekeeping Institute Chief Technologist and Director of Engineering Rachel Rothman
  • In a lab environment, the Good Housekeeping Institute found Window World Siding to be effective in resisting strong winds and color fading from sun exposure.
  • “Year after year, Good Housekeeping validates the quality and strength of Window World windows with the Good Housekeeping Seal. Receiving the Good Housekeeping Seal for our siding and Therma-Tru doors, as well as our windows, verifies the quality of everything we offer our customers.” – Window World Chairman and CEO Tammy Whitworth

Whether you’re looking to add a garden window to the kitchen or replace the front door, Window World has you covered with industry-leading products backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Sign up for a FREE QUOTE today, and check out our blog for more tips, ideas, and home design advice. 

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