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5 Ideas for Pet-Friendly Window Treatments

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Whether they’re scaled, feathered, or furry, our pet friends love to stare out the window. Unfortunately, many homeowners dress up their replacement windows with treatments, blinds, or curtains – all tempting targets for pets with paws or claws.

Maybe you’re finished replacing shredded window screens after coming home to a dog-made mess. Or you’re cat-proofing windows in anticipation of a new addition to the family. Today, let’s break down five pet-friendly window treatment options that will look great and are less likely to fall apart from animal attention!

How to choose pet-proof window treatments

Two dogs looking out a window with long hanging curtains – a far from pet-proof window treatment.

The most pet-friendly window treatments share two characteristics, regardless of style or aesthetic.

  • No cords or strings. These are way too tempting for pets to wrap their little paws or nails around or get tangled up in, so opt for curtains and blinds that use other controls, like rods.
  • They don’t puddle on the ground (e.g., drapes that are so long they pile up beneath a window). Your pets are likely to think of them as good places to sleep or dig their claws into.

Now, let’s examine some specific stellar window treatments for pet owners!

Wood (or faux wood) blinds

Dog-proof window blinds; these wooden blinds function as a privacy screen, blocking the view into a house.

Real wood blinds are sturdy, look great, and are perfect for families with lots of pets. Wood blinds can stand up a little more to bite or claw marks, and they’re elegant enough to elevate a room’s look.

On the downside, real wood blinds can be pretty expensive, especially compared to other treatment options. Faux wood blinds might be a better choice if you want to save a bit of cash but still enjoy the overall look and durability of their real wood counterparts.

Vertical, cordless blinds

Vertical blinds in front of a large window with a pet-proof window screen.

If you want to stay away from wood or faux wood blinds (for whatever reason, like budget or interior décor theme), pick blinds that are vertical and cordless. They can be plastic, vinyl, or any other material; the key thing is that they are vertical (so your pets can’t climb into them) and cordless (so your pets can’t pull on the cord or hurt themselves by accident).

Vertical blinds are simple, stylish, and great for covering windows where you want to control the amount of sunlight and privacy you have at every point of the day.

Roller shades

Roller shades over large windows between a living room and patio make for pet-proof window treatments.

Roller shades are also popular pet-friendly window treatments. These flexible and durable window coverings roll up whenever you want to see outside, then roll down when it’s time for privacy.

They’re excellent options if you have a cat or dog since they’re often available with cordless lift mechanisms. And since they don’t have slats and don’t puddle at the bottom, they also aren’t very tempting for your pets to dig into.

Since roller shades are so versatile, they can fit a variety of different window designs and styles, like double-hung windows or awning windows. On top of that, roller shades are pretty easy to clean. If your pet sheds a lot of hair, getting that hair off your roller shades is as simple as a brief vacuum session or wet washcloth wipe down.

Plantation shutters

White plantation shutters provide a pet-proof window treatment in a white-walled bedroom.

Plantation shutters are another sturdy option for homes with several animals. These resilient and easy-to-adjust shutters are pretty thick, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear while giving your home a unique interior look. Custom-shaped plantation shutters can also provide coverage for otherwise challenging architectural windows.

Plantation shutters are usually made of wood or PVC. They might be a little expensive, but they pair perfectly if you have colonial or plantation shutters on the outside of your windows as well – in a case like this, you’ll tie your home’s interior and exterior together for comprehensive protection and light control.

Roman shades

Roman shades on three dining room windows are pet-friendly window treatments.

Don’t forget Roman shades, which are made from durable cloth. These are made from one piece of fabric each, so they lack the potentially dangerous slats of other, less pet-proof window treatment types. They let in plenty of fresh air when positioned over window screens, so consider using these for casement windows or any others that you often have open for a breeze.

Plus, Roman shades are prized by homeowners for the way they can elevate a room’s interior decor aesthetic, and they’re easy to clean and maintain! Just run a vacuum cleaner hose over their surfaces to get rid of dirt, debris, and pet hair.

Bonus: blackout shades or curtains

A dog resting on a cushion next to not very pet-proof window treatments and a low table with a lamp.

Some pets (we’re talking about you, cats) like to keep to their own schedules. So they might get extra energy at night or want to run around screeching while you're trying to sleep. Alternatively, they might want to be up and about while you are trying to catch up on shut-eye after a night shift. In either case, blackout curtains could be a good solution.

Blackout curtains prevent light from getting into a given room, so they’re the go-to choice for night workers or folks who just want their pets to be a little less obnoxious around midnight. The fact that they enhance your privacy is a nice bonus!

All these window treatments are best paired with best-in-class energy-efficient windows – and Window World has the right options for your home. Picture windows, bay and bow windows, and casement windows are just a few options, but they’ll all enhance curb appeal, let in natural light, and lower your energy bill throughout the year. Check out our selection today, contact us by requesting a quote online, or visit a local showroom to get started!

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