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Fiberglass Exterior Doors: Everything You Need to Know

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A fabulous front door can make a big difference to the overall look of your home. Imagine it from the perspective of a guest or potential homebuyer; when you walk up to a home for the first time, what do you see? A fantastic exterior door makes the whole house look better, while a front door with rotting wood, chipped paint, or gaps between the door and the frame leaves a less-than-stellar impression. 

That’s why it’s wise to look into a new exterior door whenever your current one shows signs of wear and tear or starts to let you down. Before immediately opting for a wood or steel front door, though, you should consider fiberglass doors. Today, let’s explore what fiberglass doors are and why they might just be perfect for your home!

What is a fiberglass door?

An interior view of a pair of woodgrain fiberglass doors with decorative privacy glass<br>panels opening to a sunny exterior at a home’s entrance.

A fiberglass door is made with – you guessed it! – fiberglass. Fiberglass is essentially very fine, threadlike fibers of glass material that have been woven together and reinforced into a thicker material, then put into a durable resin. The result? A relatively inexpensive material that can be molded into lots of different shapes, like exterior doors. 

Fiberglass doors usually have cores of a material called polyurethane insulating foam. That makes most high-quality fiberglass doors energy-efficient and soundproof, especially compared to doors made of different materials. The fiberglass is used for the outside, forming a tough exterior skin that’s resistant to wear and tear. Even better, some fiberglass doors can be designed to mimic the look (and even the texture) of other materials, like wood! 

That's fiberglass doors in a nutshell: tough, energy-efficient, and variable in look and style.

How tough is fiberglass?

A white fiberglass door flanked by sidelites and windows allowing lots of natural light<br>into the entryway of a home.

Fiberglass is durable and long-lasting, especially compared to some other front-door materials. 

You might think that glass fibers are fragile – after all, aren't they made of glass? But those fibers are encased in a resilient resin, which has a very high strength-to- weight ratio. In essence, fiberglass is tougher than you might think, given its weight. 

Aside from being rigid enough to resist blunt force damage, fiberglass also doesn’t react to water the same way that wood does. Thanks to this fact, it’s not susceptible to corrosive or rotting effects in rainy weather. There’s no need to worry about your front door getting soaked and warping over time without a storm door to protect it!

Pros and cons of fiberglass doors

Woodgrain exterior fiberglass doors with decorative glass match the classic styling of a<br>stone-fronted house.

It’s no secret that fiberglass doors have a lot of big benefits, especially if you install them throughout your home. At the same time, though, you don’t want to take the plunge and purchase a fiberglass entry door or other door without considering the possible pitfalls you could encounter.

Benefits of fiberglass doors

The front porch of a house with a woodgrain fiberglass door, gray siding, and white<br>columns.

Fiberglass entry doors are top choices for homeowners around the country, and not just for one reason!

For instance, fiberglass doors are very energy efficient. Thanks to their insulating foam cores, fiberglass doors have average R-Values (which measure resistance to heat transfer for insulating materials) of 6. Compared to wood, they’re clear winners; wood only has an average R-Value of 2.

Higher energy efficiency means a more comfortable home all year round, plus a lower utility bill since your home’s HVAC system or heater won’t have to work as hard. It’s for these reasons that brands like Therma-Tru use fiberglass for their insulating front doors.

On top of that, fiberglass is pretty low maintenance. Solid wood doors, for instance, have to be regularly maintained and protected so they don’t rot, crack, or warp. You also have to keep wooden doors safe from insects like termites, depending on where you live. Steel, meanwhile, can rust or fall prey to visible scratches or scars pretty easily.

The last big benefit of fiberglass doors is aesthetic variety. Because the fiberglass exteriors of these doors can be molded, shaped, and painted in almost any way, fiberglass front doors can model almost any other door’s look, shape, or style.

Have an old-fashioned, colonial-style home and want a new fiberglass entry door that will fit the columns and shutters around the property? You can get it! Or do you want a sleek, minimalist front door to go with your house's sharp lines and angles? You can order a fiberglass door in that style, too.

What if you’re in love with wood front doors but don’t want to worry about rot or price? You can even get fiberglass entry doors that look like wood – that way, you get the best of both worlds (the appearance of a wood front door without the hassle or maintenance needs). Window World offers a wide variety of woodgrain entry doors with numerous customization options to suit your exact tastes

Downsides to fiberglass doors

A dark woodgrain fiberglass door at the entrance of a craftsman-style house.

What about the disadvantages? Truth be told, fiberglass doors don't have many downsides.

They are a little more expensive than your average steel front door, though. Comparing fiberglass vs. steel doors, steel doors might be considered a little tougher or resistant to break-ins, too.

That said, excellent fiberglass entry doors can be built with long-term durability in mind. For many homeowners, the positives of these doors far outweigh their negatives.

Are fiberglass doors right for my home?

The front of a large house with stacked stone, tan siding, and a fiberglass exterior door<br>at the entrance.

That depends on what exactly you’re looking for – and what kind of door you need to fit your home’s existing aesthetic or architectural style.

Fiberglass front doors are stellar choices for homeowners looking to replace worn down, drafty, or old entry doors, especially since they’ll last for decades. Fiberglass doors can also serve as good side doors or back doors, thanks to their versatility.

You might also be interested in fiberglass doors if you live in a pest-prone region. Termites and other bugs might feast on wood, but fiberglass is much less appetizing to these annoying critters, meaning your door will last and look excellent for much longer.

Choosing the right fiberglass entry door

Open fiberglass exterior doors with decorative privacy glass to obscure the home’s<br>interior.

Knowing that you want a fiberglass entry door is just the start of your journey, however. Next, you'll need to select the best fiberglass door for your house; that can be tricky, especially if it's your first time purchasing a new front door outright.

Window World can help. Window World won a Good Housekeeping Reno award in 2023 for Fiberglass Entry Doors, and we have local branches around the country. Each branch has a well-stocked showroom with new doors, windows, and other home upgrades – plus a staff of knowledgeable experts who can help you choose the right front door for your unique needs. Even better, we can take care of installation and get the job done in a single appointment! To learn more or get a free quote, contact us today.

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