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A Homeowner’s Guide to the Benefits of Natural Light at Home

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Winter’s yearly chill brings most of us indoors, but the short days and lack of sunlight can bring down moods and make things feel dreary in no time. This subtle, seasonal shift is felt by almost everyone, and it’s why big, clear windows are so important, especially in colder climates! But why does natural lighting make such a big difference, and why does it matter? Let’s take a look at seven benefits of natural light in your home.

Important natural lighting benefits

A man doing yoga with the benefit of two natural light windows.

Never underestimate the power of the sun, especially when you can bring its radiant rays inside your house. The advantages of natural lighting are numerous – here are just a few of the top reasons to let in some light!

More vitamin D

A woman enjoying the benefits of natural light as she faces the sun inside her home.

Everyone could use more of the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D! This crucial vitamin lowers the risk of heart disease, prevents bone loss, and much more.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get enough vitamin D in the winter when we spend less time outside and tend to cover up whenever we are outdoors for work or chores. Letting in natural light through your windows enables more sunlight to hit your skin, so your body creates more vitamin D during the day – even if you spend it all inside.

Improved circadian rhythm

A woman in bed, stretching after getting better sleep thanks to the natural light coming through the windows behind her.

Exposure to natural light is critical for a normal, healthy circadian rhythm: the balance of energy and sleepy hormones your body goes through every day. If you don’t get enough sunlight during the day, you might have trouble falling asleep or maintaining your energy in the afternoon.

But with big windows, like Window World's vinyl casement windows, your body’s hormonal and energy cycles will follow the natural cadence of the sun as it arcs through the sky. That’s a huge benefit, especially considering that many of us don’t get enough sleep on a day-to-day basis.

Reduced stress

A woman resting on a couch that is exposed to natural light by nearby windows.

Did you know that exposure to natural light reduces your daily stress levels? It’s true! Most humans just feel better when we get some extra sunshine, even if that sunshine is filtered through clear, energy-efficient windows.

The lower stress from getting more natural light is closely correlated to a lower risk of seasonal affective disorder (with the apt acronym, “SAD”), which affects millions of people throughout the winter. In any case, if you want to reduce everyday stress, renovating your home to let in more natural light is the perfect solution.

Higher productivity

A woman working in a naturally lit space on her laptop.

Natural light can even bolster your productivity. If you’re working from home and sitting behind a desk all day, it’s easy to fall into a nonproductive slump, especially in the afternoon.

But with a big picture window near your work desk and sunlight streaming through, you’ll feel more energized and productive as you type away, create presentations, or tackle other remote work projects.

Lower eye strain

A man holding his glasses and pinching his nose to alleviate eyestrain caused by the brightness of his monitor. More natural light in his workspace should also help alleviate this concern.

Many of us spend a good chunk of our days looking at computer screens. In a dark room, you might be tempted to turn up the brightness on your monitor, which can lead to eyestrain.

Natural light brightens up any room where you work or play, plus it makes it less necessary to turn up the brightness. That’s better for your eyes and better for your circadian rhythm – your body won’t be tricked into thinking it’s the morning by being saturated with bright, blue-filtered monitor light.

Worried about a glare on your screen? There are plenty of window treatment options available that will diffuse the sunlight so you get its benefits without any disruptions to your workflow or movie-watching experience.

Energy savings

Two people going over paperwork about energy saving thanks to the benefits of natural light in home.

More natural light means less of a need for bright overhead lights shining all day long. A garden window over your kitchen sink will also reduce your reliance on task lighting. If you increase the amount of natural light in your home, you can probably keep electric lights off for the majority of your waking hours. In the long run, this can save you quite a bundle on your utility bill, plus help you do your part for the environment!

Greater home value

A “for sale” sign in front of a house with lots of windows to maximize natural light within.

If you ever plan to resell your property, keep in mind that big, broad windows that allow lots of natural light and open up smaller spaces can increase the value of your home in the eyes of prospective buyers. For example, a new bay or bow window in your dining room can make that room feel bigger and more welcoming.

Natural light is one of the top things that homebuyers look for when they are shopping around for a new house. Therefore, footing the bill for some cost-effective renovations now could help you pocket even more cash when you finally do sell your property, enabling you to make a bigger down payment on your next home!

How to increase natural light in a room

A woman increasing the natural light in a room by opening curtains. There is an ocean view beyond.

It's a no-brainer to maximize natural light in your home, and there are several ways you can do just that with window treatments and tricks to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting. For example:

  • Get rid of thick drapes or curtains. Easy-to-open shutters or shades are better bets.
  • Repaint the walls. White or off-white shades can increase wall reflectivity, so sunlight bounces around more as it streams inside!
  • Hang a mirror or two. If you have smaller windows, mirrors are good tools to reflect light and make your home feel larger.
  • Replace old windows. Dirty, fogged, or cracked windows don’t let in lots of light. Energy-efficient windows let the sunshine in, minimize drafts, and offer extra benefits like noise insulation.
  • Add new windows! If you’ve wondered how to get more natural light in a room, the best answer is sometimes the obvious one. Hire trusted professionals to add whatever type of window will best suit your space.
  • Add hopper windows to any basement or below ground level spaces in which you spend a lot of time.

Some of these home upgrades are easier to achieve than others – at least without expert assistance! That’s where Window World can help. Visit a local showroom or request a quote online to discover the best new windows. We can help you bring more natural light into your home than ever!

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