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The 5 Best ROI Home Improvements

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Tips on How to Add Value to Your House

It’s never a bad idea to upgrade your home. Install some fresh appliances or redo your bathroom, and you and your family get to enjoy these home improvements for years to come. Even if you plan to sell or rent your home and move in the near future, smart renovations can boost your home's curb appeal and sale value. Then, you can put that extra money toward the down payment on your new house!

But some home improvement projects produce a better return on your investment and add more value to your house than others. It’s tough to know what remodeling projects yield the best bang for your buck if you aren’t a real estate or home improvement expert. Not to worry; we break down the top five home remodeling projects based on ROI below.

Renovation #1: Upgrade the kitchen & bathroom

First up are improvements to the kitchen and bathroom. These two rooms are some of the most important in your home due to the frequency of use and their necessary nature. Without a quality kitchen and well-designed bathrooms, a home is much less valuable than it could be otherwise. Remodeling your kitchen with mid-range fixtures has an average of 58.6% return on investment. If you do an additional minor kitchen upgrade with mid-range fixtures, you’ll see an average of 77.6% ROI.

Upgrading your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, counters, and sinks will go a long way toward making your house more appealing to both you and prospective buyers when you choose to sell. For updating the kitchen, consider expanding the countertops or adding an island for extra meal prep space. Or add a breakfast nook with a bay window where you and your friends and family can sip coffee in peace before the day’s hectic activities begin.

Good value-add bathroom upgrades include: 

·      Installing a new, separate bathtub

·      Expanding the shower space

·      Installing a rainfall showerhead

·      Installing a new toilet

A man installing a kitchen counter as a home improvement project

Counters before cabinets

If your home renovation budget is limited, remember this rule of thumb: upgrade the countertops in your kitchen and bathroom before the cabinets. You use the counters way more than the cabinets, which are primarily storage spaces and can be freshened up with paint. New cabinets look nice but provide less practical value than new countertops made from a dazzling material like marble.

Have to pick one?

If you have to pick between renovating your kitchen and a bathroom, opt for remodeling your kitchen first. Odds are you spend more of your time in the kitchen than in the bathroom. Plus, a newly renovated kitchen is more immediately noticeable to buyers and more valuable than a redone bathroom.

Renovation #2: Install some new windows

To remodel your home cost-effectively, pick and install some brand-new windows in key locations like the living room, bedroom, and dining room. The right replacement windows can introduce more natural light into your house, making it feel more welcoming and spacious without knocking down walls or raising ceilings.

Even better, new windows can significantly improve curb appeal and increase the value of your house. Imagine installing a new picture window in your living room to showcase your Christmas tree or how great window boxes would look on the outside of your home in front of a set of casement windows. Getting new windows for your home is a great passive selling tactic to get prospective home buyers interested in your house.

A large picture window above the kitchen sink in an all-white kitchen

Bigger windows are usually better

When it comes to installing new windows in your home, bigger is better. Large expanses of glass let more natural light inside and showcase more of your home’s interior decorations from its exterior. Large picture windows are a perfect window option for the dining room or living room. Meanwhile, bow or bay windows can expand your living room or bedroom, plus offer some extra decorative room thanks to their spacious sills.

Casement and awning windows can also open up bedrooms and kitchen spaces for maximum effect and are easy to clean.

Invest in energy-efficient windows

No matter which kinds of windows you choose to upgrade, be sure their replacements are energy efficient. Energy-efficient windows can save you money on your energy bill by trapping in heat during the cold winter months and the cool inside air in the summer season by using thermal technology. Energy-efficient replacement windows also help protect the inside of your home by using low-e window coatings.

Plus, you can advertise your windows’ energy efficiency as another selling point if you put your house on the market.

Renovation #3 Install fresh hardwood floors

Your home's floors are just as important as the walls and windows. After all, you feel those floors every time you slip off your shoes at the end of a long day.

Carpet feels good at first, but can gradually accrue stains and damage. Hardwood floors and vinyl plank floors look excellent, are easier to clean, and often lead to higher home sale prices. New or restored hardwood floors can make a major positive impression on potential buyers. With that in mind, remodeling your home with fresh hardwood floors, especially in living or dining rooms, is sure to be an improvement project with a big ROI.

Heated hardwood floors – a wise idea?

Modern home technology allows average homeowners to opt for heated hardwood floors. You might be tempted to go for this upgrade if you live in a cold, wintry environment.

However, heated hardwood floors are usually quite expensive. If you want to prioritize remodeling projects based on their ROI, stick with regular hardwood floors instead. Unless you plan on selling your house for much more than the average home sale price of $525,000, you may not make back the cost of installing heated hardwood floors.

Renovation #4 Replace the entry door

A brand-new front door can make your entire home look like new, plus serve as a welcoming invitation to neighbors and prospective homebuyers. As an added bonus, installing a new entry door could have similar effects as installing energy-efficient windows and eliminate any drafts or leaks that currently act as drains on your energy bill each month.

An exterior view of a house with a bright yellow entry door and white single-hung windows

Go bold & bright

If you’re wondering what color you should choose for your front door, we recommend you opt for a bold, bright color like red, yellow, or even green to make the most of your entry door upgrade. Bright and colorful front doors are trending and go with many popular home architectural styles, like the modern home style.

Renovation #5 Front yard improvements

Your front yard serves as the first impression of your home, just like your front door. To that end, you can remodel your home on a budget – but significantly improve its curb appeal and sale value – by fixing up the front yard in a variety of ways. Most of these upgrades don't cost more than a few hundred bucks and some elbow grease.

Pressure wash the porch and vinyl siding

For starters, buy or rent a pressure washer to clean the porch and sidewalks around your home. This simple step will make your property seem newer, cleaner, and better cared for, especially after stormy weather.

For even more aesthetic improvements, spray down your front door and the vinyl siding or exterior siding of your house. You’ll be surprised at just how much better it looks after a good rinse! Cleaning your vinyl siding, porch, and door can also improve their longevity.

Get a new mailbox

Is your mailbox old, worn down, or teetering on its side? Purchase and install a new one by visiting a home improvement store like Lowe’s. A fresh mailbox with a new coat of paint brightens your day, the neighbors’, and the mailman’s.

An exterior view of a house with a bright porch light and white windows

Install new porch lights

Your home's porch lights accentuate your home’s exterior and front entryway. If you upgrade your front door, but the lights are old and dusty, some of the effect will undoubtedly be lost. Make sure your home's entrance is as inviting as possible with new porch lights.

If you’re feeling creative, opt for decorative, old-fashioned lanterns. Alternatively, pick up energy-efficient LED entry door lights to save a little cash and do your part for the environment. Don’t forget to touch up and wipe down the house numbers as well!

Bonus remodeling project: buy new appliances

Want to go the extra mile and see even more ROI while maximizing your home’s resell value? As a bonus effort, consider purchasing and installing new, energy-efficient appliances.

These include your dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, and refrigerator. Brand-new appliances do a lot to improve the value and appeal of an existing home. Many potential buyers are willing to up their bids if they know they’ll get a brand-new dishwasher out of the deal.

As you look at your renovation budget and pick the projects that’ll produce the best ROI for your home, we recommend installing new windows and doors by trusted contractors. Your friends at your local Window World store are happy to help with everything from ideas to installation. Schedule your free in-home consultation.

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