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10 Signs of Storm-Induced Roof Damage You Mustn’t Ignore

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Your home's resilience against the wrath of storms largely depends on your roof's steadfastness. When confronted with elements like hail, water, and wind, your roof acts as the ultimate defense. Being a responsible homeowner means understanding how to identify storm-induced roof damage, as even minor issues like small leaks or missing shingles can escalate into substantial problems that not only affect your peace of mind but also drain your finances.

What if you’re a new homeowner and aren’t sure what to look for? Or what if you aren’t certain whether a worrying sign inside your home is indicative of roof trouble or something else? Let’s explore 10 signs of roof damage you should look for both on your roof and inside your home.

A person in a hard hat examining the roof of a house

Detecting Exterior Signs of Roof Distress

Many of the telltale indications of roof damage emerge only when you venture up your ladder and onto your roof for an up-close inspection. Opting for a professional roof assessment from a licensed contractor once or twice a year is also wise, as their expertise can pinpoint issues that might escape an untrained eye.

A closeup of roof damage from a storm

Shingles That Speak of Trouble

Damaged or vanished shingles stand out as prominent signs of hail-induced roof damage. Shingles should form orderly, unbroken patterns across your roof's surface.The presence of gaps between shingles or jagged edges on individual pieces signifies a battered roof that demands attention. In cases where your shingles curl or crumple, the situation remains alarming—prompt replacement with durable alternatives becomes imperative to halt further deterioration.

A roof with moss growing on it

Unwelcomed Greenery: Moss, Mold, and Fungi

Moss, mold, or any organic growth on your roof could indicate trapped moisture within shingles or underlying layers. Escalating moisture can accelerate the spread of mold, endangering your roof's integrity and potentially causing respiratory issues for your family. Clean up the mold or moss you discover with a water/bleach solution and a tough brush. In severe instances, professional intervention might recommend roof replacement or enhancements like Certainteed’s Grace Ice & Water Shield Roofing Underlayment for prolonged defense.

A Suspicious Bounce in Your Step

Walking on your roof might unveil a disconcerting bounce or sponginess, indicating compromised underlying layers. This bounce signifies water infiltration and reduced reliability. Avoid putting weight on such areas, descend cautiously, and summon a professional contractor for an in-depth inspection and necessary repairs.

A brick house with rusty and detaching gutters

Leaks and Rust: Gutter’s Warning Signs

The condition of your home's gutters often mirrors your roof's health. Clogged or rusting gutters can lead to water accumulation at your roof's edge, contributing to leaks and shingle damage. Frequent gutter leakage might also point to structural issues in your roof, stemming from shingle damage or more significant concerns like storm damage. Pay heed to these signs, as they might signal a compromised roof-gutter system.

Granules on the Ground: An Unsettling Discovery

Granules scattered around your property or near gutters could be a sign of deteriorating asphalt shingle coating. These granules shield your shingles from the elements, and their loss exposes vulnerable layers to potential damage. Promptly addressing this issue by replacing damaged shingles can prevent more substantial problems, especially in regions prone to heavy rain, hail, or snowstorms.

A person in a yellow vest examining the interior of a roof

Interior Clues of Roof Compromise

Some indicators of roof issues manifest indoors rather than on the roof's exterior. If you identify any of these telltale signs, pursuing a comprehensive roof assessment becomes imperative. A single sign of structural distress can hint at the need for roof repairs or even replacement.

A bucket catching leaky water from the ceiling of a home

The Dripping Truth: Leaks Revealed

From a slight drip in the hallway to a consistent patter of rain within your bedroom, interior leaks are glaring evidence of roof damage. The moment you observe a leak, it's vital to enlist the expertise of a professional roofing contractor. Ignored leaks only exacerbate the problem and might ultimately necessitate a complete roof replacement (a fix that costs $11,500 on average!).

A ceiling with molding and water stains

Dark Markings: Water Stains Tell a Tale

Emerging dark spots on your ceilings—whether in the living room, bedrooms, or elsewhere—signal the onset of new leaks. These water stains shouldn't be overlooked. Urgently summon a roofing specialist for a comprehensive inspection if even a single water stain becomes evident.

A person pointing at a bill and doing calculations on their phone

Soaring Energy Costs: A Hidden Clue

If your energy bills are on a steady incline, consider storm-induced roof damage as a potential contributor. Attic air trapping, caused by roof vulnerabilities like minor holes, could force your HVAC system to work overtime, attempting to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Regular visits to your attic, along with an observant eye for water stains and holes, can catch issues early, as the attic often exhibits the earliest signs of roof damage.

An attic space with wooden planking, wires, insulation, and a metal cage.

Unwanted Attic Guests: Pest Infestations

An infestation of pests like rats, mice, or insects can indicate underlying roof problems. Even a small roof opening can serve as an entry point for these unwanted inhabitants. When dealing with an attic infestation, seek assistance from a pest control company to eliminate the pests before they spread further within your home. Simultaneously, conduct a thorough attic inspection to identify the origin of the infestation and address the root cause.

Nails That Spell Trouble: Shiners Unveiled

While inspecting your attic, be vigilant for exposed nails known as shiners. These nails, often installed incorrectly, can lead to moisture accumulation due to condensation. As the moisture freezes and thaws, it causes gradual damage to attic boards. Fixing this issue involves a simple solution—trimming these problematic nails with pliers to prevent ongoing damage.

Nipping Roof Woes in the Bud

Spotting signs of roof damage caused by storms or general wear is the initial stride toward resolution. However, this is just the beginning. Once leaks, broken shingles, or other indicators surface, prompt action is crucial. Connect with experts to swiftly repair or replace your roof, ensuring your haven remains impervious to nature's fury and safeguarding your peace of mind.

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