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5 Popular Exterior Home Trends You’ll See in 2023

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A home's exterior can say a lot about the person who lives inside. From the color of the door to the garden out front, the choices you make matter. But as design trends shift, the exterior often needs to be addressed; the focus is given to kitchens and bathrooms while the outside remains the same. 

Curb appeal is real, though. By incorporating new design trends, you can make your home stand out, giving your neighborhood something to talk about as we head into the spring.

Here are five exterior design trends to look out for in 2023.

A pillow in the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year, Viva Magenta

1. Bold Coloring & Statement Doors

Every year, paint manufacturers and color companies release their "Color of the Year," a color collection selected to inspire trends and reflect the times. Often, these colors are different. One company might pick a purple, the other a green. Still, for 2023, there's been some relative uniformity in the chosen colors. From Pantone's "Viva Magenta" to Benjamin Moore's "Raspberry Blush," the selected colors have trended bolder and more expressive, featuring bright, vibrant earth-like undertones with a more feminine hue and aesthetic. Don't expect exterior house colors to pop up red on every street corner, but 2023 could signal a more upward trend toward pops of color as accent pieces on the home, like exterior shutters.

As a result of the pandemic and a need for self-expression, homeowners have been looking for creative means of customization. Be it through some vibrant colorway or an eye-catching facade, expect to see more expressive and unique exterior doors pop up this year.

2. Sustainable Landscaping

For years, homeowners have been considering ways they can live more sustainably. Between upcycled dressers and energy-efficient appliances, interior trends have gradually grown greener. However, as we move into 2023, expect that trend to extend outward, affecting the house exterior as well.

One trend we'll see more of is sustainable landscaping. With droughts becoming more prevalent, high-maintenance lawns and gardens are less desirable than they once were. Sustainable landscaping utilizes more native plants that require less water and upkeep, reducing the resources needed to keep them alive while still providing a beneficial habitat for local wildlife. Additionally, xeriscaping — a method that removes traditional grass lawns and replaces them with gravel and hardy plant life — has also been growing in popularity. In areas with less rainfall, expect this trend to take off.

Couple enjoying a fire bowl in front of open sliding glass patio doors

3. Indoor & Outdoor Flow

With more people spending time at home, well-designed, functional outdoor spaces have been in high demand. But where these designs in the past sought to establish the outside with its own sense of identity, plans with flow between the indoor and outdoor have been growing in popularity. Through sliding glass patio doors and enclosed verandas, homeowners are extending their living spaces, creating outdoor spots that are more comfortable and lived-in to mimic what's inside. Massive changes in the home's architecture will be relatively rare but expect to see a more intentional shift toward flow take shape.

4. Updated Energy-Efficient Windows

As homeowners become eco-friendlier and more economical, many want to ensure every facet of their home is up to the standard. Energy-efficient windows are always an excellent investment for a home, regardless of age. The best part? New windows can even increase your home's value.

Plus, your options are limitless! Whether you go for a classic picture window or for a unique bay or bow window, your house will look fantastic!

Outdoor seating in front of double-hung windows on a porch

5. Alternative Accents

Using accent materials like wood and stone is common in exterior design. Whether brick, stone, wood, or siding, these materials are being used to create a sense of depth around the home's exterior, adding in bits of character where possible. Still, the trend of mixing these materials together has been steadily on the rise. So, whether it's a significant shift from vinyl siding to wood or the strategic placement of stone, expect to see homes layering these materials together as we move throughout the year.

You can trust your local Window World to help turn your home into the talk of the neighborhood. Whether for self-expression or sustainability, new doors and windows can be great pieces to change. Contact us for a free consultation and quote; let your home's exterior reflect your inner style and keep up with 2023 trends.

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