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8 Things To Do While You’re Stuck Inside

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8 Things to Do While You’re Stuck Inside | Window World

Indoor ideas and activities for making the most of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the nation continues to stay inside to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, many of us have begun to experience a little cabin fever. If you’ve run out of ideas for what to do with all your time indoors and are ready to give the kids away, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a list of fun and engaging things to do while stuck at home.

1) Recharge

Grey cat sleeping on couch

With everything that’s going on right now, your body is likely depleted from an abnormal routine, extra tasks, and a wonky schedule. Treat it with some Z’s! 

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that “people who don’t get quality sleep or enough sleep are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus, such as a common cold.” Do your best to get seven to eight hours of sleep each night, and if you have the time to nap, do it. Experts say that 20-30 minutes is best.

2) Tidy up

Man cleaning window

Quarantine is the perfect time to check out our “Ultimate Guides” to cleaning the inside and outside of your home. If you’ve already tackled this year’s spring-cleaning adventures, spend a little more time sanitizing to stay extra safe. 

Experts say giving attention to those often neglected yet heavily used items such as remote controls, cell phones, and doorknobs can really pay off in the long run. If the surface you’re cleaning allows, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend creating a simple bleach solution. And if you’re disinfecting toys for the kids, our friends at Good Housekeeping have some wonderful advice (hint: it’s NOT vinegar).

3) Stay active

Woman exercising from home

Don’t let being stuck inside prevent you from staying in shape and taking care of your body. There are numerous workouts out there that are popular with both casual gym-goers and fitness aficionados alike. Oprah’s home workout requires zero exercise equipment and utilizes a variety of body weight movements to keep you active while at home.

There are also a variety of streaming services that can provide sample workouts, motivation, and nutrition advice for anyone who prefers a little extra insight. The courses available include meditation and yoga, dance-inspired cardio, and barre routines, to name just a few.

4) Watch TV (Yes, Netflix, we’re still watching)

Couple watching TV together

Not that we have to remind you, but this is an excellent opportunity to catch up on all those shows and movies you’ve been hearing about on social media. Once you’ve satisfied the “stay active” portion of your day, sit down for some rest and relaxation with one of the many popular streaming platforms.

  • Disney+: All the classics you love! No more waiting on your childhood favorite to come out of the “vault.”
  • Netflix: A ton of sappy Christmas movies. We could all use a little cheer, right? This is also where the ultra-popular Witcher and Stranger Things programs live.
  • Hulu: The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, and the new George Clooney series Catch 22.
  • Amazon Prime Video: A generally good collection of a little something for everyone, including Amazon Originals like “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”
  • HBO: You’ve heard of that “Thrones” show, right?

*Bonus: Some of the most popular networks are offering free content for folks stuck at home right now.

5) Listen to music (for free!)

Man listening to music at home

In addition to your regular Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music streaming, there’s an impressive amount of live-streamed content to take advantage of for free right now. Bars and concert halls may be closed, but you can enjoy live operas, symphonies, concerts, and festivals without leaving the safety of your own home.

Some platforms may require registration or a subscription to begin, but most of them are free, and many of them give you the ability to support the arts you’re enjoying by purchasing merchandise or making donations.

6) Reconnect with friends and family

Woman talking on phone

It’s been longer than we care to admit since we called Gam-Gam, so why not use this opportunity to reconnect with family and friends you haven’t heard from in a while. It’ll also give you a chance to check on older friends and family members who may need a little extra attention in these uncertain times. Remember, you’re not the only one having trouble finding toilet paper and cleaning wipes during the coronavirus outbreak. Give someone a call; you never know how much it might mean to them.

Of course, you don’t have to pick up the telephone to feel a personal connection these days. Why not try hosting a Netflix Party where your friends or family watch the same TV show or movie with you without being in the same room.

7) Create something

Adult coloring

Y’all, these are stressful times, and research has shown that coloring can lead to a state of meditation that reduces anxiety in some people. If you don’t have any adult coloring books, consider doodling or printing some patterns from the internet. You’ll be surprised how quickly those crayons start relieving the stress.

If coloring’s not your thing, do something crafty, get out the old scrapbook and fill in a few years, or finally make use of that “Learn How to Crochet” book you got last Christmas.

8) Self-care

Woman giving pedicure

Nobody’s watching, and Lord knows we’re all far past due for some personal attention, so why not give yourself a little self-care while stuck indoors? Trim your beard with care. Shine those shoes you’ve been meaning to polish. Or just look at happy images for a few minutes (puppies always do the trick).

The idea here is to spend some time on you. Take a few minutes looking after yourself and no one else. That could mean a soak in the tub, an extended pedicure, or a nice quiet stretch in the yard. Whatever you do, do it for you and no one else.

We know these are uncertain times. When you’re ready to take the first step on your next home project, we’ll be there. Window World stores around the country are doing their absolute best to keep communities safe, including offering free consultations virtually or by phone. When the time comes, find your closest Window World store to learn how they might help you create the home of your dreams. We’re all in this together.

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