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Double Hung WindowsDouble-hung windows have two separate sashes which both slide vertically, providing very efficient ventilation and air flow. Bay & Bow WindowsBay and bow windows extend toward the outside, maximizing your living area, view, and light transmittance. Casement WindowsCasement windows are contemporary and convenient. Like a door, casement windows hinge at the side and swing out for maximum airflow.
Awning WindowsAwning windows hinge at the top and open out. They may also hinge at the bottom and swing downward. Sliding WindowsSliding windows have a single moving sash which glides open horizontally. Sliders are function much like traditional patio doors. Garden WindowsGarden Windows The protruded three-dimensional design adds a unique new feel, perfect for a kitchen or small plant growing area.

Comfort World Windows

Clean, new windows allow for light and heat transfer into your home, while also providing a sense of openness to the outside world. Old windows minimize these abilities, while Window World Comfort World Vinyl Windows help to improve your living environment by maximizing the light and openness of a room or home. Comfort World windows are high quality, durable, simple to clean, and energy efficient. We also offer a variety of interior and exterior finishes to fit any home theme.

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» Comfort World 4000 Windows
» Comfort World 6000 Windows

Comfort World 1000 Windows

Window World has a simple and effective way of quickly making your home more attractive, comfortable, and functional, with our Comfort World 1000 Windows. Comfort World 1000 windows provide a classically beautiful and comfortable feel, while offering you all the premium features you would expect from a first-class vinyl window.

How much easier would the task of window cleaning be with window sashes that tilt in for easy reach? Comfort World Windows tilt inward, so you can easily wipe them down from the inside, which means no more ladders or struggling to reach lofty windows. And what's the best part about Comfort World 1000 windows? They are available in sliding, picture, and the classic double hung window styles!

Window World Comfort World 1000 windows are available in LOW-E energy efficient designs, meaning you will save in heating and cooling costs. And should the unlikely ever happen, all Comfort World 1000 windows are covered by AMI's impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty!

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Comfort World 2000 Windows

Comfort World 2000 Windows have a unique style and feel all their own. This line of Comfort Windows feature a strong and durable welded sash design, ensuring proper operation and functionality for the lifetime of your home. Comfort World 2000 Windows are an excellent choice for any homeowners who want to upgrade their homes in a practical and affordable way.

Is Window Cleaning an annoying chore? This task will be easier than ever with your new Comfort World 2000 Windows, which are able to tilt inward so you can clean the outside of your windows from inside your home! Once cleaning is done, just tilt the windows back into place, sealing out the exterior air, and saving you bundles in energy costs due to your new windows' increased energy efficiency.

Comfort World 2000 Windows make a fantastic investment for any home. Providing a fresh, sleek, modern look to older outdated designs, Comfort World 2000 series are available in any major window style. Simple maintenance, lowered energy costs, and increased property values, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty, why wouldn't you choose Window World Comfort World 2000 Series Windows?

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Comfort World 4000 Windows

Comfort World 4000 Windows offer the highest quality, durability, and beauty. With maximized window surface area, these windows allow for the most possible light transmittance and viewing area. Do you have a living or dining area in which you would like to maximize natural lighting? Then Comfort World 4000 Windows are the way to go!

Comfort World 4000 Series Windows offer a truly sturdy and energy efficient frame design. The durable vinyl replacement window frames are guaranteed to never crack, chip, peel, or warp. And thanks to Comfort World 4000 Windows' top-quality all-climate performance, you will save money due to lower heating and cooling costs.

Providing the maximum in energy efficiency, functionality, practicality, and beauty, Comfort World 4000 Windows are one of the smartest improvements you can make to your home. And as with all our quality products at Window World, 4000 Series windows are guaranteed by our industry leading Lifetime Limited Warranty.

View the color profiles for the 4000 and 6000 Series windows and Series 6200 patio doors.
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Comfort World 6000 Windows

The highest quality of luxury windows, Comfort World 6000 Windows provide all the weather and home protection that a vinyl replacement window can offer. Strong, tough, durable, and beautifully designed, these windows are the best of the best, energy efficient, long-lasting, top-quality, and Window World guaranteed!

Top-of-the-line Comfort World 6000 Windows combine endless high-tech functionality with the sleek, clean, classic, look you can only expect to find in a professionally designed and installed Window World Window. On top of all these spectacular features, 6000 Series windows are also Low-E ENERGYSTAR qualified, meaning that over time, they will pay for themselves by saving you on annual energy costs. And like every replacement window installed by Window World, Inc, Comfort World 6000 Windows are guaranteed by our impressive Lifetime Limited Warranty.

View the color profiles for the 4000 and 6000 Series windows and Series 6200 patio doors.
Colr Swatches

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