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New Year’s Resolution Ideas To Update Your Home

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Update Your Home | Window World

Make a resolution to check things off your home renovation wish list.

Out with the old, in with the new. Maybe you’ve set some personal goals for 2022, but let’s not forget about the goals for your home. We’ve all been spending plenty of time at home this past year, and you might have already made a few home improvements during your quarantine. So you know there’s no denying that renovations and updates can make a home feel more comfortable, more on-trend, and a more accurate reflection of your taste.

Just like your personal goals, your home goals may take a while to complete, so now is the time to make a list and set some dates for action and completion. 

Step One — Let’s keep this list short and doable

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Pick a few home remodeling projects that will bring you the most happiness and value. Start by taking a walk around your home. Bring along a notepad or tap notes into your phone.

Begin outside. Holiday decorations are gone, and things may be looking a little sad this time of year. Let’s brighten things up and find a few ways to increase your curb appeal. Everything — from your landscaping to your mailbox to your siding — is up for consideration.

Some things may only require a coat of paint, like that mailbox post, or a new color for your front door. Updated light fixtures and street numerals can make a fresh statement, too. Consider an entry door replacement, perhaps a wood front door with sidelites and transom windows. Of course, new shutters and siding can make a home look brand new. And adding a new deck, porch, or patio can increase your home’s livability as well as your family’s enjoyment.

Inside, think about decreasing clutter, opening up spaces, and updating a few fixtures. If your kitchen or bathroom faucet has become old and leaky, trade it out for something more appealing and match it with some new cabinet knobs and handles. In the kitchen, refacing cabinets, adding a backsplash, or putting a garden window over the sink can make a big difference without breaking the bank. Updates that don’t require changing your home’s footprint are more practical and affordable.

Give some thought to changing out window treatments or eliminating them altogether, too. Installing new windows is an easy way to save energy in winter and summer, and replacing tired sliding patio doors with hinged French doors adds an inviting touch both inside and out.

While you’re thinking about updates, consider the practical use for each room. Maybe it’s time to change a guest room into a home office or finally clear out the “clutter room” and organize it into an enjoyable space.

Of course, color is one of the easiest and most affordable updates that can make a big impact. Think about creating an accent wall with a bold color that highlights artwork, or consider painting the end wall of a narrow hallway in a dark grey or black to make the space look endless. If replacing or recovering a sofa is out of the question, try cleaning it with a rental carpet cleaner and cover it with bold, comfy throw pillows. Pro tip: Purchase multiple sets of throw pillows and switch them out with the seasons to keep your home decor fresh; You can trade out bright colored pillows in the summer with a cozy faux fur set when it’s time to winterize your home for the holidays.

Step Two — Set your budget and your ideal timeline

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Remember, home renovations can be more of a marathon than a sprint. You need time to consider priorities and a reasonable plan for saving money or the ability to finance your improvements.

Be sure to consult with experts about prices before you get your heart set on a major project like switching out your home's windows or installing a new garage door. Hidden costs can be a deterring factor, and experts can often share money-saving advice about tasks that you can complete yourself. Finally, for DIY projects, stay within your wheelhouse. Getting halfway in and realizing you’ve taken on something you can’t finish is no fun.

Step Three — Take pride in what you achieve

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Whether your updates are created through your own elbow grease or you bring in home renovation experts to get the job done, take time to congratulate yourself for having a vision, setting a goal, and sticking to it to give your home the tender loving care it deserves. It’s easy to let these tasks get away from us. But making them your resolution in 2022 and taking them on now can make such a difference in the everyday enjoyment of your biggest investment — your home.

If your home’s New Year’s resolution ideas include ways to increase your curb appeal like new windows, doors, siding, or shutters, turn to Window World for ideas, advice, and a free quote to get started. We’re wishing you a beautiful new year ahead.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in November 2021.


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